Personal Training

Designed to take your game to a new level, personal training is for dedicated basketball players looking to seriously improve in the off-season. Summer is the perfect time to hone in on skill development, strength/conditioning and perfecting your offensive arsenal. Contact Coach Austin if interested. 



Group training

Single handedly one of the best ways to improve is in a group setting, with players around you to constantly give you a competitive drive to work harder and be better. Group training is cost effective and the best way to reach your goals. Get a group together and we can train them.


Individual training

For high school, middle school, and elementary school players alike, regularly training, conditioning and improving your skills are essential to play at that next level. We work on:

  1. Shooting - close, mid-range, three
  2. Ball handling
  3. Offensive moves to get to the basket
  4. Defensive principals
  5. Basketball IQ